Developing Creative and Innovative Skills
Through Software Coding Format: 

Arrow buttonOffline: teacher-facilitated lessons
Arrow buttonOnline: Tutorials, reference and homework assignments

Requirement: Browser-based environment
Prerequisites: No experience.

Intro class:

Objective: Showing kids that coding is fun, collaborative, and creative.
Objectives: Motivating students to continue learning computer science and obtain crucial 21st skills.
Core 21 Century Skills:
Arrow buttonComputer science
Arrow buttonComputational thinking
Arrow buttonProgramming.
Arrow buttonProblem-solving

Class structure – draft

1. Introduction to Computer Science
2. Computational Thinking
3. Graph Paper Programming
4. Algorithms
5. Functions
6. Conditionals
7. Abstraction
8. Relay Programming
9. The Internet
10. Wrap-up

Key Concepts

Arrow buttonWhat is computer science?
Arrow buttonWhat is a computer scientist?
Arrow buttonBeing a responsible computer scientist
Arrow buttonApplications of computer science
Arrow buttonBasic understanding of binary
Arrow buttonHow to debug
Arrow buttonHow the Internet works
Arrow buttonProgramming concepts
Arrow buttonSequencing
Arrow buttonLoops
Arrow buttonConditionals
Arrow buttonFunctions
Arrow buttonFunctions with parameters
Arrow buttonVariables
Arrow buttonComputational Thinking
Arrow buttonDecomposition
Arrow buttonPatterns
Arrow buttonAbstraction
Arrow buttonAlgorithms

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